The Most Productive Day Ever!

Wow!  What a day!  This has been by far my most productive day ever and I can thank my wonderful wife for that!

Since I’ve changed my writing schedule I have been a lot more productive.  Today I revised chapter’s 7 – 10, a total of 4 chapters.  Most of the revisions were minor and I added some more details to certain sections.  The biggest revision is yet to come, but I am very close to finally wrapping them up.

The ending chapters are going to be the largest of the revisions.  It will require me to split up the last chapter.  I like how I ended the book, but getting there seemed a bit rushed.  I’m going to add more detail and more suspense to it so it will be a better read.

I’m finished for the day, but I cannot wait to continue the revision process.  I’ve had a fire lit in me this entire week and am hungry to finally get this story into my readers’ hands.  After the revisions I’ll give it one final read through and then hand it off to my readers.  I’m really looking forward to hearing what they have to say and what they might suggest to make my story even better!

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