Schedule Change = Better Writing

Last month was not a very productive month for me when it came to writing.  My current business occupied a lot of my time.  Also I’ve been trying to get more sleep because my late night schedule was finally taking a toll on me.

This past weekend I was finally able to resume revising my book.  I’ve decided to start doing some writing in the morning and the early evening.  I’ve found that writing is a bit easier during these times than during the late nights.  The revisions are coming along much better and I’m already midway through Chapter 5.  I’m completely rewriting a scene in that chapter.  I’ve already found some inconsistencies in my writing as I go through this revision process.  I believe the story is turning out much better now.

At my current pace of writing I should have the revisions completed sometime this month.  Hopefully nothing unexpected will happen to slow it down.

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