Revisions Moving Along

Quick update on where I am in the revision process.  My family and I went on vacation last week so no revisions were made during that time.  It was a great time to spend with them and it went by way too quickly!

I started back up last night and have marked through up to chapter 6 now.  I will do more revisions this evening and should have the entire book marked up before the start of next week.  After that I will make the changes to the text.  I’m aiming to have a readable version ready for my reviewers by mid-June.

Revision Process Has Started

I’m starting the revision process this evening.  I have been trying to decide how exactly I wanted to go through the revision process.  I had thought about strictly using my computer to read through and make notes, but it didn’t seem like it’d be very efficient.  Therefore, I decided to print the manuscript and mark through it.

I’ll have at least chapter 1 marked through tonight and will more than likely go through chapters 2 and 3 tomorrow.  After I mark through the whole book I will revise the text and give it one more read through to make sure I’m happy with the revisions.  Should be fun!

QUICK UPDATE: I actually marked up chapters 1 and 2 last night!  This might be a quicker process than I thought.  There’s already a lot of notes and mark throughs.  I can already see where I need to flesh out some parts as well as move some scenes around.  I guess you could say I now know what a school teacher feels like when they’re grading English papers!

First Draft Completed

You read that right, I have finally completed the first draft of my book!  It’s been a long process and many late nights, but the past few days have been great.  After I broke through a bit of writers block the rest of the story rolled out nicely.  I’m so glad to finally have a finished draft.

I will now take a couple of days away from my story to let it settle.  I will then return to it with a fresh mind and start making revisions.  So far the book spans 14 chapters and is 134 digital pages.  I will be publishing it as an ebook so the page count corresponds to the PDF export of the text.  The page count will more than likely expand after my revisions because I already know I’ll have to flesh out a few points of the story.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take to make revisions, but I’ll be working hard on it.  I’m halfway home with this thing and look forward to sharing my story with others.