Revision Process Has Started

I’m starting the revision process this evening.  I have been trying to decide how exactly I wanted to go through the revision process.  I had thought about strictly using my computer to read through and make notes, but it didn’t seem like it’d be very efficient.  Therefore, I decided to print the manuscript and mark through it.

I’ll have at least chapter 1 marked through tonight and will more than likely go through chapters 2 and 3 tomorrow.  After I mark through the whole book I will revise the text and give it one more read through to make sure I’m happy with the revisions.  Should be fun!

QUICK UPDATE: I actually marked up chapters 1 and 2 last night!  This might be a quicker process than I thought.  There’s already a lot of notes and mark throughs.  I can already see where I need to flesh out some parts as well as move some scenes around.  I guess you could say I now know what a school teacher feels like when they’re grading English papers!

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